Hey Parent! Curious about Esports?

We understand it can be a little confusing, as to why someone would need a coach for playing a video game.

Well for those who might not know, the Esports industry is one of the fastest growing industries around the world! Esports, simply put, is playing a multiplayer game competitively.

And yes, you can earn money from it!

Conversation with a parent


What are some common FAQs ?
What exactly is Esports? Is it just playing games?
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Esports simply put is the competitive side of multiplayer gaming. No more is gaming just sitting around, this industry has become a billion dollar industry that’s rapidly growing! There are multiple platforms that allow gamers to join matches as independent gamers or as teams and win cash prizes. Other than this a number of colleges are offering esports at a varsity level as well. Along with this there is the professional circuit with professional sponsorships and televised platforms to watch on such as ESPN or Disney!

What kind of future is there in esports for my child? How does she/he earn money?
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There is a massive future in esports! Players who reach that professional tournament stage of their career can get sponsored or even paid to be in youtube videos or livestreams themselves on different platform! One of the top Dota 2 players Saahil “universe” Arora can make upto six figures per tournament and that is not counting the league salaries!

The main income streams an esports player has are:
-Cash prizes
-Team Salaries
-Sponsorship money
-Digital Streaming
-Media rights
-Merchandising and tickets

What kind of jobs are there in this industry?
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Unlike what you might think, digital sports is an industry that adapts to the fast moving times and due to this there is a major scope for people within this industry. Other than being a professional gamer there are many jobs in this industry such as:

-Streamer: This is when you live stream yourself playing the game for a major audience on different platforms like Twitch or YouTube live.

-eSports journalism: This is for the writers out there. You write opinion pieces, the latest news and get to attend famous tournaments and interview famous professional gamers. You have full responsibility as an Esports journalist over what you want you to post and how to post it. You have the power to make or break a player’s image so responsibility is a key skill to have!

-Product management: One of the most intense roles in this industry, in this job your main focus is on social media and PR strategies along with business development by analyzing the market and creating campaigns according to that. Other than this you also get to manage esports events and help with sponsorship and collaborations for the organization.

-Caster/Announcer: This is the most fun! You announce and give running commentary during esports events and tournaments talking about what’s happening during the tournament and you make sure to keep the audience engaged!

How big is the industry?
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In the South East Asia region alone there are 1.5 billion gamers out of which 576 million of them are in the Esports industry! The industry was valued at a whopping $950 million in 2020 and is said to cross $1.5 billion by 2023. And with famous athletes, musicians and companies like Michael Jordan, Marshmallow or even Mercedes and Louis Vuitton making investments and sponsorships, the industry is only going up! 

Can this be a sustainable career?
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The Esports industry is a massively growing and constantly evolving one. This is due to many factors but one thing that is for certain is that this industry is only growing and becoming bigger, a lot of hard work and dedication is going to be required to get into this and not everyone makes it but if you make it this can be a career choice that lasts a life time!

How does an esports player work exactly? What is the security they can expect?
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The routine of an esports player is very normal, the only difference is the training schedule! Esports players put at least a minimum of 5-6 hours of training a day! The routine differs as to how long they practice and when they do.

What personal skills will my child develop playing this?
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Esports not only helps with a career but helps develop a positive mindset along with many other personal skills. There are many studies done that show how playing develops self-confidence, problem solving skills and helps with teamwork and communication, these are essential skills that are required in the esports industry, a form of constant communication with your teammates. It also instils a sense of patience and boosts collaborative abilities along with critical thinking! Sorry parents but science is showing that video games and esports really is good for us.

How will this affect my child’s schooling and college?
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Common sense education is a company that provides the resources for educators and students to use technology in their learning. They did a webinar which had research that showed Esports has a positive impact on academic achievements along with personal skill development! It heightened student education, and had a positive impact on students that might not be into athletics, this gives them a platform to be a part of a community 

What will my child’s lifestyle be? How difficult is the work environment?
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The routine of an esports player is similar to that of everyone else, the key difference would be the training put in. Professional players put in at least a minimum of 5 hours of training every day, doing the same thing over and over, simply analyzing their gameplay. Or if they are a part of a team, they get on calls or play together for hours analyzing gameplay and seeing where they can improve and where their weak points are to focus. The hours can be gruesome and tiring but it’s worth it!