Imagine this, you start your ranked career and you’re actually getting those W’s instead of spending most of your match watching someone else play! Using our Valorant Sessions you can learn how to harness your moves and outplay the best to become the best!

What you learn :

A Master class in how to push for your team and be on theattack!

From the basics, to tricks in aiming, our gurus will teachyou all! Attacking is crucial part of winning and our coaches will guide youfrom the simple basics of moving and learning how to aim to how to do trickshots, use your abilities in the most efficient manner and get those kills.

Defending is key

Even though attacking is vital when you plant the spike, youhave to defend it from the other team and this is where your defense tacticscome into play! Using some of the skills used in international competitions ourgurus will teach you everything from positioning yourself to defending thespike through situational play.

What you need :

-         A console of your choice

-         A stable internet connection

-         The peripherals you haven’t broken after ragequitting your game.